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Crowhurst is a civil parish and dispersed village in a rural part of the Tandridge district of Surrey, England. Crowhurst civil parish borders 5 other parishes within the Tandridge District and is just over 24 miles from London, 2.5 miles from Lingfield Village and 3 miles from Oxted Town Centre and Railway Station.

The place-name 'Crowhurst' was first recorded in 1189 and has existed in various forms since this time which have included Croherst and Crauhurste, and simply means 'crow wood'.

Crowhurst, being originally a ‘Wealden parish’, is steeped in farming history, having evolved from a large number of small farms with many labourers to a few large farms with diminishing numbers of employees, as mechanisation and technology improve efficiency. As a consequence housing is widely dispersed and made up of small settlements.

Crowhurst was part of the Oxted estate as recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 and at the time had no development worth reporting. The earliest building recorded is the church which is believed to have been dedicated to St George in 1191. The first reference to Crowhurst was made in 1291 when the parish had developed sufficiently to be taxed 100 shillings as mentioned in a ‘valor’ of King Edward I.



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