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Limpsfield Green Belt targeted for large scale housing development

We were extremely concerned to receive the attached letter sent in by a Limpsfield member which appears to indicate that Tandridge District Council’s Planning Department is advising landowners on how they can get Green Belt sites in Limpsfield released for large scale house-building (names and addresses have been redacted and we have substituted the Savills plan for an updated version of the Council’s Sites Consultation plan).

We are worried that this may be happening across Tandridge District.

At the same time, the Council is saying that it is protecting the Green Belt, stating that it is…. “protecting the distinctive nature of the area and only releasing limited Green Belt land where exceptional circumstances are met or where the land does not serve the purposes of the Green Belt.”

However, the land in Limpsfield has been assessed as serving the purposes of the Green Belt and also as being ecologically sensitive.

OLRG does not agree with the Council’s Local Plan preferred strategy, approved by other Councillors, to release large amounts of the Tandridge Green Belt including  building around all the Tier 1 and Tier 2 settlements which are Oxted, Limpsfield, Hurst Green, Caterham on the Hill, Caterham Valley, Warlingham, Whyteleafe, Godstone, Lingfield and Smallfield as well as a new settlement of about 4,000 homes in the Green Belt,  in order to accommodate a huge amount of inward migration from other areas.

This is NOT required by Government policy – it is the Council’s own choice as this recent article from The Times makes clear:

OLRG has engaged 3 planning experts, including a leading planning QC, to help us take part in the Council’s Local Plan consultations. They have made clear that the Council’s documents are not compliant with Government policy, do not achieve sustainable development, and are not justified or effective.  In short, they are not fit for purpose.

We are determined to keep fighting the Council’s flawed Plan and are launching an appeal for funds to pay for the experts’ continued input.

If you would like to help and are able to make a donation – £100, £50, £25, £10 or anything at all – it will make a big difference in the fight to protect the local Green Belt and to protect local infrastructure from being swamped.

There are 3 ways to donate:
1. By bank transfer to: account name “Oxted & Limpsfield Residents” at Santander, sort code: 09 06 66, account no: 43510171
2. Send a cheque made payable to “Oxted & Limpsfield Residents” to PO BOX 233, Oxted Post Office, Station Road West, Oxted, RH8 9EH or drop in cheques or cash to Peter Giles at 24 Chichele Road, Oxted.
3. The PayPal button which is under “Donate Here” on the OLRG website:
Please do pass on this email to anyone else who may be interested in donating/becoming a member.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Oxted & Limpsfield Residents Group


Planned Highways Works

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To see the latest Surrey Watch Out Magazine click here Surrey magazine May 2017

The District Council is currently seeking the views of residents on a draft planning document, which will set out the criteria applicants like developers will have to meet, when it comes to the design and landscaping of new building projects. The consultation is now live and will run until 5pm on 12 June.

The Draft Trees and Soft Landscaping Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) aims to put clear guidance in place to help building projects comply with existing policy. This will help the Council and developers ensure the quality of the soft landscaping within new developments is the best it can be, that policy requirements are met and to make consideration of this area more efficient.

The SPD will play an important part in preserving the green nature of the district and ensuring it continues to be a high quality environment for residents. Responses will be analysed and taken into account, before the SPD is considered for adoption by the Planning Policy Committee.

Have your say

  • Via the Council’s online consultation portal, Objective. You have to be registered to use the system – you can either use your existing account or set up a new account. Visit
  • By e-mail to
  • By post to: Tree Section, Development Management, Tandridge District Council, Council Offices, 8 Station Road East, Oxted RH8 0BT.

Thanks to Angus for his hard work for the information on the available walks in the Parish. See attached document Crowhurst Walks

Local Plan Strategy which aims to protect Green Belt agreed

Last night’s Planning Policy Committee agreed the strategy, which sets out the Council’s strategic approach to development for the district up to 2033.

This supports the proposal for a garden village, as part of the creation of the Local Plan, which would require the release of around 1% of Green Belt land. The strategy proposes a new settlement of around 4000 houses, developed around garden village principals, will be pursued as part of the Local Plan. This aim is to provide a mix of affordable and starter homes and would include new schools, a doctor’s surgery, supermarket and investment in roads.

At this stage, the strategy does not set out in detail exactly where new development will take place, but sets out the principles on which decisions will be based.

Five sites will be further considered as the plan moves forward. These sites have been submitted to the Council by landowners and developers. These are on land in Blindley Heath, Chaldon – Alderstead and Tolsworth Farm, land west of Edenbridge. Redhill Aerodrome and South Godstone. Once locations which can be developed have been identified, further consultation will take place to ensure the final Local Plan caters for present and future needs.

Without looking at the Green Belt, the Council will only be able to deliver just over a third of the housing needed. This approach would not boost the supply of housing as required by the government and would not pass the independent examination of the Local Plan, which could mean the Council losing the ability to control and plan for development in the district, putting more Green Belt at risk.

Councillor Peter Bond, Chairman of the Planning Policy Committee, said: “We now have a clear strategy which will be reflected in the development of a Local Plan that is infrastructure led and which relieves the pressure on existing facilities. Releasing a small amount of the Green Belt will enable us to deliver the infrastructure we so badly need, while protecting the rest from incremental development.”

It is the village clean on Saturday 4th March.

For those helping please meet at 2pm at either the village hall (Louise), Whitehall (Lisa), Eliot Place (Peter) and Shemariah (Simon) to collect cleaning equipment.

We need volunteers with cars to pick up the rubbish and deliver to the village hall too.  Littler pickers will be able to leave the rubbish in the bags provided at the roadside for pickup. All rubbish is being collected from outside the Village Hall by TDC next week.

There is sadly no tea and cakes this year as the hall was unavailable. Thank you for your help in advance of the community event. 

Business Consultation Neighbourhood Plan evening 13th March 5:30-7:30pm Village Hall

Neighbourhood Plan consultation with residents 2-4pm on 8th March in the Hall.


Traffic Incidents

Please report all accidents including minor to me ASAP so we can keep a log to lobby for change.

Neighbourhood Plan and Local Plan Consultation 3-5pm in the Village Hall 19th November 2016 all welcome.

Remembrance Service 13th November 2016


First Aid training course – 27th September 2016 was completed

This was offered free and on a first come first served basis. All who attended reported how helpful it was. Another session will be booked for 2017. The defib is ready to be used and all parishioners are welcome to collect their code fob from the meeting 3-5 in the Village Hall on 19th November 2016.

On Saturday 19th November the Croydon Male Voice Choir will be giving a concert at St Peter and St Paul’s Church Lingfield. 
The concert starts at 7.30 and tickets are £10.00 at the door.  The choir have a varied repertoire including songs from the shows, folk, spirituals and opera choruses.  They perform regularly throughout the area and we are delighted to welcome them to Lingfield.  The concert is arranged by The Friends of St Peter and St Paul who raise funds for the care of Lingfield’s ancient church building. 

Recent events to mark the Queen’s birthday include the clean for the queen event and the beacon.

Bin men

Bin men

Clean up

Clean up

Beacon 1

Beacon 1

Beacon 2

Beacon 2


As some of you may know Surrey County Council (SCC) are no longer funding staff for Lingfield Library and it is going to become a Community Partnered Library (CPL). SCC already have 9 of these that have been running very successfully for , in some cases, nearly 4 years. The libraries are run with a support team from SCC who train all volunteers and are always available to assist. In the first couple of months a SCC employee will be in the library at all times. We are looking for volunteers to work in the library. You would be fully trained at the library prior to the target opening date of the 25th June. The launch invite can be accessed by clicking Launch invitation



Do you have a watercourse, such as a ditch or stream running through, or alongside, your property?
If so, you may be surprised to learn that you are probably responsible for its maintenance because in legal terms you are what’s known as a ‘Riparian’ owner.
It is therefore YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to maintain the ditch, and ensure that water can flow unobstructed.
PLEASE please please clear out your ditches on a regular basis and be careful when trimming hedges not to let the waste fall into nearby ditches.

Under the Land Drainage Act 1991 all Councils have the powers to serve notice on riparian owners to clear ditches and the Councils may undertake the work themselves and recharge the costs if necessary.

If you need assistance with clearing out your ditches please contact the Parish Clerk.
Furthermore, If you are aware of any ditches or watercourses that are causing flooding but which are not your responsibility please contact the Parish Clerk.

For further clarification on this matter please see Surrey County Council Website under Roads and Transport: Drainage and Flooding.


Surrey County Council are looking to gather as much information as possible from the public on historic flooding to assist in assessing further flood risk and help with the development of flood risk assessment plans. If you have any information on past floods that you would like to share you can report it to Surrey County Council on their online survey, under Roads and Transport on their website. HTTPS://


Surrey County Council asks residents to report potholes and other road maintenance issues under the Roads and Transportation section on its website. This is a very easy and straightforward process.

However if you feel that a pothole is dangerous you are asked to call their contact centre on 0300 200 1003.


Tandridge District Council is currently preparing a new Local Plan for the Tandridge District.

The Local Plan will help shape the future of our district by setting out policies that guide the development of homes and businesses, take into account our green spaces, landscapes and historic character, while also seeking to provide for the needs of all our communities.

The Council is at an early stage of the plan preparation process and wants to ensure those who live, work and visit the district, have a say and take the opportunity to respond.

Anyone can make comments on the draft Local Plan. More details about how to make comments will be published on the website ( nearer the time. Please look out for them and get involved.

To make sure you are kept up to date with the latest news, consultations and events, please sign up for our news direct e-mail service