Parish Councillor – Simon Lock

Simon Lock

Simon Lock

My name is Simon Lock. I am married to Fiona and we have five children – ages varying from 9 to 20.

We have lived in Crowhurst for 9 years. I am a retired Metropolitan Police Sergeant. It was a wonderful career.

Fiona and I ran Kings Church Lingfield, for a number of years and since its closure we are enjoying being closely involved as a family with St. George’s Church in Crowhurst. I also serve on the Parochial Church Council. I served for a number of years on the Godstone Parish Council.

My hobbies are:-golf, shooting, fishing, gym, belonging to local clubs and I also enjoy walking in our lovely countryside, when I have the chance!

I now work on behalf of the Home Office. I now look forward to serving the community of Crowhurst on the Parish Council.